Chicago Is Beautiful in the Fall

Posted on October 06, 2015

Now that local schools and colleges are back in session, weekends become more valuable than ever before. But not everyone knows the tourism season in Chicago remains in session and there are many fantastic opportunities to see Chicago from the lake, river, observation deck, by foot and by bicycle.

Local residents have a unique opportunity to see Chicago as our beloved international visitors see it. Calm, clean and with an absence of crowds. This is the time of year many plan their visits to the United States and to Chicago from interesting cities and lands spanning the globe. Chicago has much to offer during the fall season. Plan a day to include, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a show and become part of the landscape many visitors travel hours to experience.
Summer has not ended but a beautiful season of cooler weather, fall fashion, delicious and locally-harvested food ingredients has begun. Aromas permeate the sidewalks as you stroll through Chicago’s fascinating restaurant scene. Take a stroll on Chicago’s side-streets and find hidden gem eatiers, coffee shops and shops frequented by Chicagoans.
Take time from soccer and football fields, leaf raking and yard work, plan a trip to Chicago on a Tuesday, Sunday or any day, and reacquaint yourself with the city travelers have come to love. Chicago architecture is waiting for you to explore. Walk from a train station; enjoy a Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise aboard Chicago’s First Lady Cruises with someone who has never seen the skyscrapers lining our riverfront; experience Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, and take a moment to enjoy the grandeur of a world-class city millions call their home.