WINNERS! 2017 Cruise Chicago Photo Contest

Photo: Grand Prize Winner: @goralka102 (view full image below)

Posted on November 08, 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 Cruise Chicago Photo Contest finalists and winners! Be sure to check back in summer of 2018 to participate in our Annual Photo Contest. 

Meet our Grand Prize Winner, Bożena Budzyńska ("bb"), from Chicago:

1. Tell us about this photo.

This photo is of my daughter and absolute bestie Helenka (@helelelelenka). We've traveled the world together but nothing will ever beat the warmth of our home, Chicago. 

2. Is photography a hobby or profession for you? How did you get into it and why do you love it? 

Photography started as a hobby, turned into a profession, and finally became what it is now, a true passion. I got into it photographing my children when they were younger and easier to bribe with candy. I love it because of the community it has introduced me to and because of the projects it has allowed me to explore. 

3. Tell us more about #bbladyinred and #bbredshoesadventure

I love my red dress because it has given me a fun framework for my travel. It isn't about me- i just ask: where else does the red dress need to go? 

4. What is the most memorable place you have traveled?

Choosing the most memorable place is like choosing your favorite child - impossible!
Ghana, Cuba, and Brazil are on top of the list. and so is Norway, Croatia, and Portugal... 

5. What is your best tip or "hidden gem" for those visiting Chicago?

The North Pond bridge by the Lincoln Park Zoo has my favorite view of the city, the skyline surrounded by the last remnants of the prairie that used to be here.

Grand Prize Winner: @goralka102

Honorable Mentions: @mandypelton, @nickcrvwford, @d.3.v.0_photography

"People's Choice" Facebook Vote: @perrillstace_@ewaynexix

The Peninsula Chicago Prizes: @fenglerf1, @a.m.bayard, @DaxMacRog

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