5 Outdoor Party Trends


Posted on July 19, 2018

Outdoor summer parties are great anywhere but particularly in Chicago. The city comes alive during the summer as locals take advantage of the warm weather. To help you plan your next outdoor party, we've created a list of 5 outdoor party trends, that are sure to bring your festivities to a whole new level. From fruity water stations to wine slushies, you and your guests are bound to have a good time.

Check out our top 5 outdoor party trends below and visit our Pinterest page to see more.

1. Fruity Water Stations

Fruity water stations are a great way to stay refreshed and hydrated this year. It's a favorite drink of many that takes absolutely no time to set up. Simply pick out which fruit you'd like to showcase and add it to your pitcher or canister of water.

2. Layered Balloons

Gone are the old days of simply tying a balloon to a string for decoration. This season, impress your guests with layering balloons to make them a true centerpiece. Local companies such as Paris312 can help decorate your party on the boat and make it truly your own.  

3. Wine Slushies 

Everyone loves slushies but for your next event, make it a bit more special with wine slushies. Customize the drink to your favorite red or white wine and wow guests with the unique drink.

4. Ice Cream Bar

Summertime ice cream runs can be nostalgic of childhood memories. Relive those wonderful moments by incorporating an ice cream bar at your event. Let guests choose their favorite flavor and add their own toppings. It's a part of the party that's always a favorite and hardly takes any work to set up.

5. Popsicle Cocktail 

If you favor popsicles over ice cream scoops, don't worry we've got you covered. Popsicle cocktails allow you to cool off in the summer heat while also enjoying your favorite drink. If it's particularly warm out, you can even lay them in a glass, so as they melt guests can drink the cocktails. 


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