5 Interesting Features About the New Chicago Architecture Center

Posted on September 20, 2018

The new Chicago Architecture Center recently opened its doors to the public right across from our dock at 111 E. Wacker Drive. We took a journey into the new space to show you some highlights of our visit to the epicenter of architecture.

1. The History of Marina City

What could be considered one of Chicago’s most well-known structures, Marina City can be seen up close during the Chicago Architecture Foundation Center River Cruise aboard Chicago’s First Lady. It is also heavily showcased at the Chicago Architecture Center. With a model that looks as real as the actual building and even a vintage ad, you will learn everything about the these famous buildings.

2. The Process Behind Designing the World’s Tallest Building

In this section of the center, you will read and see the process, from start to finish, of designing the Burj Khalifa. Everything from site consideration to construction challenges and costs, you will leave this place feeling like you were part of its development.

3. The people that built the city

During each river cruise, docents will typically mention the people that built the city. From Ludwig Miles Van Der Rohe to Adrian Smith. Here, you find all the great architects who can say they helped shape Chicago’s skyline. Learn more about the founders, the inventors and today’s tall leaders.

4. Jeanne Gang

Speaking of today’s tall leaders, Jeanne Gang’s work can be seen throughout the center. So what’s the most interesting of all her work showcased here? The model of her most recent work downtown - Vista Tower. Just seeing the magnitude of this structure gets us excited to see how it will look once it is completed.

5. Chicago in the Future

The center has a section where they imagine what the city of 2050 will look like. Including sustainable projects, new modes of transportation and how nature and urban development can co-exist. The big question: are there flying cars? You will have to visit to find out!