Private Cruise = Best Views!

Posted on April 17, 2019

What will you see when you book a private charter with Chicago's First Lady Cruises? The better question is what won't you see? Each vessel is equipped with an open-air upper top deck for your private use. Cruise through the heart of the city surrounded by towering architectural giants on either side reaching to the endless sky. Pass through the Chicago Harbor Lock and witness a picture-perfect sunset as the city transitions to a twinkling night backdrop. Work with your captain to choose your route along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan for endless selfie-worthy views - where the views are your guests' ultimate entertainment!

Chicago's glass and steel giants.

It's hard to explain the experience until you do it. The narrowness of the Chicago River means you have a front row seat to its larger-than-life marvels. So close you could almost touch them (at least it feels that way). It is an experience you can only have on a boat on the Chicago River.

Bridges and trains.

Chicago is famous for its moveable bridges for cars, bikes, pedestrians and the occasional train. Cruise beneath these structures that are beautiful in their own right. Don't miss the bridge houses anchoring the bridges - each is different. Pull out your camera for when Chicago's El train journeys overhead for a classic Chicago shot.

Panoramic skyline views.

These views are definitely selfie approved. Day or night, Chicago's skyline is a stunner that will leave your guests speechless. Memories of Chicago's skyline is the gift that keeps on giving.

Stunning sunsets.

Witnessing a Chicago sunset from Lake Michigan should be on everyone's bucket list. Our words are done.

Twinkling buildings.

Witness downtown Chicago transition from day to night. Every turn in the river is a new gasp-worthy delight as your guests experience the city's buildings turn up the charm for their nightly show.

Boom sizzle pop.

What could make more of a lasting impression than a fireworks show for your guests to "ooo" and "ahh" over? Cruise on a summer Wednesday or Saturday evening and give your guests the ultimate finale. Because an epic event deserves an epic finish, right? We concur.